Giraffe Ranch

An eco adventure

COVID-19 updates

Good news.

Giraffe Ranch is open with many new and interesting animal experiences. We have a new premium giraffe encounter, a new cheetah encounter, and improved otter and primate habitats.

We want our guests to know we take COVID-19 seriously. We limit our safaris to small groups. Our guests can be assured we are focused on being safe and being smart.

This is an outdoor experience. It is easy to maintain distance and still experience unique encounters with animals in a natural setting.

When you make a reservation with us, you will be stepping out into Nature for a needed break from the daily stress.

We hope to see you soon and thank you for helping to support us in keeping our animals, our staff, and our conservation efforts moving forward.

Call us at (813) 482-3400 to book your reservation.

Don’t forget we also have a sister ranch, Safari Wilderness.