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Rider Ages 3+

Enjoy a Camel-Back Safari!

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Game viewing on camels is simply sublime. Rediscover the experiences our human ancestors had with these amazing animals, viewing magnificent herds of game animals from your bestial perch. Become a part of the herd, joining our exotic animals in their natural state, on our Camel Safari Tour.

Camel safaris are led by two experienced tour guides/camel handlers. We have dromedary (one-hump) and Bactrian (two-hump) camels.

Our camels are treated with kindness and respect—and they love their jobs. They line up at the gate each morning eager to go on safari! After their safaris, each camel returns to the herd in their large grassy pasture with trees and open sky for rest, play, and recharging. Our camels are athletes, and they live long and healthy lives.

Camels have been domesticated for over 6,000 years and have a complex and mutually beneficial relationship with humankind. In our three decades of working with camels, we have developed the only full-on camel backed game-viewing safari that we know of outside of Africa.