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Rider Ages 16+

Tour the Park on a Segway Safari!

a screenshot of a televisionGiraffe Ranch is the only place we know of that offers a guided Segway® Safari! Segway Safaris are akin to walking safaris done in Africa, minus the sweat and effort. Using this method of transportation, one can stand at eye-level with zebra, pygmy hippo, ostrich, antelope, and many other herd animals. Being at ground level, guides can stop to make interesting observations of native flora and fauna, game trails, animal tracks, scat, ostrich nests/eggs, and natural herd behaviors.

The Segway is high tech and silent. Our Segways are top-of-the-line X2 Camo models with all-terrain tires. After a brief training, you will follow your expert driver-guide and discover a multitude of animals in their natural habitats throughout Giraffe Ranch. On a Segway, one is close enough to the ground to see many things unable to be viewed from a vehicle or by camelback, and makes for quite an interesting mode of safari transport!